Exam Preparation

Please do not use any deodorant, powder or perfume the day of the exam.
Limit caffeine intake two weeks prior to mammogram.
Schedule mammograms 7-10 days after start of menstrual cycle.
Please notify office 24 hours prior if appointment requires rescheduling.
Please wear a 2-piece garment.

Exam Duration

Mammography is considered a low-level diagnostic imaging (x-ray) exam.
Your breasts will be gently but firmly compressed as necessary in order to obtain a clear picture. Breast compression is not dangerous, but can be uncomfortable for some patients. The discomfort is usually brief.
You may notice temporary discoloration of the skin after your mammogram due to the compression. This should not be of concern.


Once the exam is complete, a radiologist will review the study and dictate a report. This report will be sent to the doctor who ordered your study.
Results are available within 24 - 48 hours.
We recommend that you call and schedule a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss the results.

Request a Mammogram

Mammograms are only available at our Anderson, Columbia Northeast and Greenville locations.

Your time is important – to you, your family and us. That’s why screening mammograms performed at Anderson Radiology, Palmetto Imaging at ImageCare, and Innervision generally take less than 30 minutes – less time than a typical doctor’s office visit.

Screening mammograms are the best way to help find breast cancer in its earliest stages, when cure rates are highest. A screening mammogram is for women who do not have significant symptoms. If we find a problem during your screening mammogram, or if you are experiencing unusual symptoms, we may recommend you receive a diagnostic mammogram or other breast imaging procedure to help identify the cause.

A physician referral is not required for a screening mammogram

You should schedule a mammogram annually after age 40 while in good health. While a physician referral is not required for this exam, we will need the name of the patient's physician to whom the mammography report can be sent. Further, if an abnormality is found, the patient's physician will be able to set an avenue for proper follow-up.

Request a screening mammogram appointment

Our online request an appointment feature is for patients who would like to schedule a future appointment and is not intended for same day appointments.

If you would like to schedule a mammogram, please click the button below and complete the form. A representative will contact you to collect additional information and arrange your appointment.

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